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Surgical Blades


Surgical blades, or scalpels, are used for cutting skin and tissue during surgical procedures. There are different types of blades specific to the type of procedure. Surgical blades vary by size and shape. The number of the blade indicates the blade size and shape. Surgical blades are typically made with stainless steel or carbon steel.


Surgical blades come in a variety of forms giving surgeons and medical staff the right blade for the procedure. Surgical blades are typically sold separate from the blade handle. Surgical blades are available in disposable scalpels (sterile and non-sterile). Disposable scalpels are single-use scalpels that commonly use a plastic handle connected to a surgical blade. Safety scalpels are scalpels that have a covering around the blade that covers the blade until it is used. Safety scalpels help prevent accidental contact with the surgical blade.

Key Features:
♦ Sharpness and Precision: Our Surgical Blades are manufactured to the highest standards of sharpness and precision, ensuring clean and accurate incisions with minimal tissue trauma.
♦ Versatility: Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, our Surgical Blades are versatile tools suitable for a wide range of surgical procedures, from minor outpatient surgeries to complex operations.
♦ Sterile Packaging: Each blade is individually packaged in sterile packaging to maintain its integrity and prevent contamination, providing peace of mind to surgeons and patients alike.
♦ Ergonomic Design: Designed for optimal grip and control, our Surgical Blades feature ergonomic handles that enhance surgeon comfort and reduce hand fatigue during procedures.
♦ Safety Features: Some of our blades come with built-in safety features such as retractable shields or rounded tips, further enhancing patient safety and reducing the risk of accidental injuries.


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