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Black Medium Pump


The Hijamah Vacuum Pumps boasts exceptional suction power, creating a strong and consistent vacuum for optimal cupping results. Experience the benefits of precise control and customizable pressure levels, ensuring a comfortable and effective hijamah session every time.


With our state-of-the-art product, the Hijama Vacuum Pumps, welcome to the world of sophisticated cupping therapy. This cutting-edge tool was created to improve the conventional hijama (cupping) procedure and provides unmatched simplicity, efficacy, and safety. With our cutting-edge vacuum pumps, you may wave goodbye to conventional approaches and welcome the hijamah therapy of the future.

Best for wet cupping therapy,blood cupping therapy, dry cupping, massage cupping, special hijamah pump.
♦ Imported high quality pump.
♦ Durable suitable for all type of therapy.
♦ First choice of professionals and specialists.


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